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Commercial Conditions


Purchase contract is created on the basis of the order of buyer, which is realised on-line, by phone or by email. That is done on the basis of the obligation document of the given order. Obligatory document of order means by phone or email. By confirmation of the order from the side of the buyer starts (rises) obligatory juridical relationship between the buyer and the seller. The order sent to the buyer must include following information:

  • name and surname of the buyer, address of delivery (or invoice address if it is different), contact by phone and email address
  • the subject of purchase and its amount

Debiting or Crediting of the Order

The buyer has the right to credit the order before its obligatory confirmation any time. In the case, if the order is obligatory confirmed, the buyer is obliged to pay the damage to the seller. The height of the damage is dependent on time and way which was used from the side of the seller with ensuring of goods. Crediting of payment can rise up to 50% of total price of goods.

The seller have the right for crediting of order in the case above mentioned. (if the proper obligatory dates about buyer were not given), if he couldn't be connected with the buyer and that is why couldn't confirm the order, and vice-versa the seller can credit the order if the given goods are not produced any more or if the supplies of goods are not any more, or its price has changed. If the buyer had payed money already for purchase of goods the seller must transfer money on the buyer's account and send by post within 15 days.

Resignation of the Purchase Contract

The buyer can without the reason resignate from the contract till 14 days from taking the goods according to these general commercial conditions in coincidence with regulation § 12 part 1 of law No. 108/200 Law in further rules; further about the protection of buyer and also with selling of goods to houses and of parcel sale according to the regulations (further on only “law about the protection of the buyer with parcel sale”) and there is necessary to be in given period your letter (by mail) about the resignation from (realised buying) brought on our address together with goods. Expenditures for giving back of goods pays the buyer, who is also obliged to send not damaged and not used goods on address of the company as the parcel with the agreed insurance against the damage caused by transfer of goods (not on delivery).

In the case if the cover is damaged anyhow (tearing or something written on it, or damaged by sticking ) the company HUN-TER has the right to purchase the contractual fee up to 50% of value of goods, or even not to accept goods at all, if the damage makes impossible for HUN-TER company to sell this goods in it's client's net. The right of crediting from contract has not buyer, if the goods was bought personally in the selling place of company. Money for goods will be given back to the client by transfer on client's account not later than 14 working days after physical giving back and control of this goods. Money for transfer are not given back.

Responsibility for Errors on Goods and Guarantee

Buyer is obliged to check the goods immediately after delivery. If there was found mechanical damage of the cover of product, the buyer is obliged to control the statement of goods and if damaged, he must prepare the document about the damage under the participation of the transferer.

Responsibility for damage during transfer is on the transferer, because all goods are insured. On the bases of written document there will be given to the client necessary reduction or given a new product after signing this damage case.

Complaint or appeal of the mechanical damage of the product which was not clear in delivery of the parcel is necessary to apply immediately after it was discovered; it means that goods must controlled immediately after delivery. In case of finding the mechanical damage or if the parcel was not completed is necessary to inform us not late than 2 working days since delivery of goods. Later appeals or complaints of this type is not possible to acknowledge.

Before the first usage the buyer is obliged to study the guarantee conditions including the instruction about the service and to act according to these informations and regulations! The guarantee dose not include the normal usage of their parts caused by usage. The shorter liveliness of the product can't be taken as the error and can't be complained.

The guarantee period takes 2 years if not prolonged by the producer. The period starts since the product was taken by the buyer. In case of not personal delivery of goods (speditory transport or courier) there is not in guarantee document filled the data of sale, because is obvious, that buyer will accept the goods. If this goods is delivered OK after the examination (control) of goods. You are obliged to confirm guarantee document till 10 days- by sending to our address your guarantee document will be signed (confirmed) and send back. With not confirmed guarantee document is not possible to complain given goods!

When realising your complaints the client must deliver on his own expenditures and his risk connected with it the complained goods personally or by transfer service, or by post on address of company HUN-TER (not parcel delivery) or personally to the seat of the company. The goods must be complained in proper cover, well protected against falling down or any attack. Company HUN-TER does not guarantee the damage of goods on the way back. In case of not legal appeal or complaint will be costs connected with it payed by the buyer (or by seller) as well as goods will be sent to his address on his own risk.

In case of correction or change of the product is not possible, company HUN-TER must (is obliged) to give to the complaining buyer credit in the amount of actual buying price of the product, or of such product which is completely equal to the complaining product. The owner of complaining product is after realization of credit with company HUN-TER.

The law to appeal for guarantee finishes in the following cases:

  • if the goods was damaged through the transport (these damages must be solved with transfer service)
  • by the not professional installation by service or usage

Specifical Conditions

By opening of the protecting cover of product you become the owner and it is not possible to give it back. You can only complaint the product. That is why when you take (accept) the product you must control and make sure the product is the one you have ordered.

Protection of the Personal Datas

Company HUN-TER guarantees that the data which the buyer offered will only serve for the needs of the seller in connection with fulfilling of the obligations coming from the purchase contract. These data will not be offered to the third persons, not even be used for any commercial reasons according to the law about protection of personal data No. 428/2002

Sending and Delivering of Goods

Sending of goods is realised in the shortest possible period, usually within 24 hours from acceptance of the obligatory order, in exclusive case this period can be longer. Client is informed about it before obliged confirming of the order. Delivery of goods we realise through the post parcel on the address of the client.

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